Cloned Valves

RuB has grown in the past thirty years to be an important player in the world valve business. The route was not easy and has required major investments in machineries, equipment, logistics, people and a serious commitment to continued improved quality. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 by Lloyd's Register and further efforts were made to comply with latest regulations in Europe (PED) and around the world. Along with this, new products are being developed and our catalogue continues to become reacher to help you increase your business and reliability in the valve industry.

Regretfully, there are areas in the world, where business ethic has different values and it is no news that manufacturers in the Far East have copied famous brands. RuB is among those being copied. Copies of RuB valves have been exhibited at shows and some products were distributed. RuB has already taken legal actions against manufacturers in the Far East and is currently prosecuting importers of false products.

RuB owns registered trademarks and logos that will actively and legally protect.

It is also in your own interest, that any information about copies of RuB valves is brought to our attention with names, dates, etc. It is our firm commitment to fight unfair competition in any possible way and those who will actively show their support to RuB, will be awarded.

We are worried for our brand awareness but we are much more worried for our customers! If our customers install in their system a valve believing it is produced in Italy while it is in fact produced in the Far East, and this valve is unable to stand pressure or doesn't meet proper standards of quality, they could put at risk the entire system!

We anticipate our gratitude for your cooperation in this issue, we fight this curse but we need also your help!



Board of Directors



Cloned RuB valves are not the original RuB valves!

To whom it may concern 


As it has already occurred in the past, clones of RuB valves are being offered on the market once more, nevertheless those are completelyunrelated to our company and production range.

We hereby inform you that: 

- None of our product lines has been lately discontinued,

RuB produces on a regular basis its complete range,

- No change in series designation has been made,

- No production move out of Italy has ever been planned,

- Our products are of 100% Italian origin, produced in our plant in Ciliverghe di Mazzano (BS) Italy with state of the art equipment and processes and going through our unique 100% 24h seal test!

Any letter, fax, e-mail or whatever written or verbal communication released by anyone giving contrary in- formation, is false and we reserve the right to take legal action against it.

We continue producing and dispatching our products in five continents and we ask you to please contact us in case you face any trouble in sourcing our products through your traditional channels. Through the yearsRuB improved the service and shortened lead times for direct shipments from Italy; an extensive network of professional distributors has been built to meet local stringent requirements.

A complete overview of our production range can be seen in our official website:

Valves with design SIMILAR to RuB may not assure you the performances you are used to, that are granted through the years of experience and continuous improvement. Quality of ball valves depends upon engineering, extensive testing, choice of materials, tight tolerances, cleanliness, reliable inline tests.

Obviously, RuB cannot be held responsible for damages caused by products which are not made by RuB! Here a few tips to visually recognize the true RuB products, despite other valves may have similar levers and/or similar body design: 

cloned valves

For additional information, please do contact your RuB contact person. 



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