FaidanaThe founding company created thirteen years after the end of the Napoleonic wars, in 1828, has remained in the same family for seven generations.
Carlo Bonomi set up the original business in that year: a bronze foundry sited in the Trompia valley north of Brescia, capital of a province of the same name in eastern Lombardy, approximately half-way between Milan and Venice in northern Italy.

His son Luigi (1813-1865) continued the business and focused production more specifically on valves.

One of Luigi's four sons, Serafino (1836-1897) developed what was for that period a state of the art water powered manufacturing facility near Lumezzane, itself a centuries old manufacturing center of the Trompia valley.

Serafino's son Luigi, enlarged the product range and, during the First World War, made parts for the local Military Arsenal, contributing greatly to the Italian war effort.

Serafino Bonomi

Luigi Bonomi     

Silvio Bonomi


 Luigi was also the first person in Lumezzane to adopt mechanized production lathes and motor vehicles in his business. Luigi had three sons: Serafino, Luigi and Silvio (1902-1946).The last mentioned Silvio continued to operate the business but because of his untimely death in 1946 two of his sons, Silvio and Oreste, entered the business at the ages of 14 and 13 respectively. Only eight years later these brothers were already producing conical valves in brass.They developed sales within Italy and in the 1970's began exporting as well. A new modern plant was built about ten kilometers from Brescia in 1972 and doubled in floor space in 1992.

 During the 1980's there was a significant growth thanks to steadily increasing exports and an expanding product range.
Oreste Bonomi retired in 1986 while Silvio Bonomi remained company chairman.

His son Luciano began working for the company in 1979 and now manages production as well as sales to Germany and France.

The Chairman's second son Sandro entered the company in 1983 and now manages administration and world wide sales.

Tradition and filial pride are bound to make an impression on the youngest generation of the Bonomi family.
The children of both Luciano (Sara, Serena, Silvio and Sofia) and Sandro (Benedetta, Luigi and Alessandro) will face the difficult but rewarding choice of continuing a family vocation, which has already spanned three centuries.

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